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    WHAT’S IN A WORD explores Chinese American education through language, accessibility, and identity. In 1974, one mother understood her son’s mastery of English was the key to achieving a successful future in America. Her fight represented the struggle of millions. She became the voice for non-English speakers in the American educational system. Her case, Lau v. Nichols, went to the Supreme Court, and the case was ruled in her favor. Leaders and parents battled decades of discrimination to give their children a taste of the American dream while holding onto their immigrant roots. When 1965’s legislation brought new waves of Chinese immigration, the emergence of a new Chinese America challenged society once again.


    Forty five years after Lau v. Nichols, WHAT’S IN A WORD re-examines the intertwining of history, education, and professional development with the roots and future of bilingual and bicultural education in the San Francisco Bay Area. We invite educators, historians, activists, and all who are interested in the Chinese American diaspora. Through panels, film screenings, and roundtables, we will explore topics like multilingual pedagogy, ownership of language, and changing demographics of the Bay Area. We hope to ignite a community with the intention of bettering Chinese American education.


    “WHAT’S IN A WORD” 座談會將通過語言,可訪問性和身份來探索美藉華人的教育。 1974年,一位母親明白她兒子在美國成功的關鍵將斷定於他對英語的掌握。她的拼搏代表著數百萬人的狀況。她成為美國教育系統中非英語人士的代言人。她的案件,Lau v. Nichols 受到最高法院的確認。在數十年間,在歧視的煎熬下𡚒鬥,這群父母及領導者終於讓他們的孩子領略到美國夢並保留他們的「根」。1965年的立法帶來了新的中國移民潮,這批移民又再次對美國社會作出新的衝擊。


    在Lau v. Nichols 訴訟的四十五年後,“WHAT’S IN A WORD” 座談會將重新審視美籍華人的身份,以及舊金山灣區雙語和雙文化的教育,根源,歷史和未來。我們邀請教育工作者,歷史學家,活動家以及所有關注美藉華人的群眾,通過評審團,電影和圓桌會議,我們將探討多語種教學法,對語言的所有權和灣區人口的變化。我們希望燃點一個社區,以改善美藉華人的教育為目標。


    We are a collective of well established nonprofits, schools, and community members, dedicated to the advancement and advocacy of bilingual/immersion and bicultural education.


    Learn more about the policies, the people, and activism

    behind the making of bilingual education.

    MAY 15 (5-7PM)

    From Non English Pathways to School Desegregation: What's Next to Ensure K-12 Education Equity for all?


    Hosted by: Chinese for Affirmative Action


    Chinese Culture Center

    750 Kearny St,. 3/F, San Francisco

    MAY 19 (11AM-1:30PM)

    "Speaking in Tongues"

    Film Screening and Workshop


    Hosted by: City College of San Francisco,

    Asian American Studies


    Wah Mei School

    1400 Judah St., San Francisco


    "What's In A Word"

    Summer Camp Dialogues


    June 19 - Training Workshop with City College

    June 27 - City College and Cameron House Collaborative Workshop

    AUGUST 24

    The Future of Our Mother Tongue:

    Roundtable Discussion


    Hosted by: Chinese Historical Society of America


    Chinese Historical Society of America

    965 Clay St., San Francisco



    In Her Words: Lonnie K. Chin and the Fight for Dual Language and Culture Learning in San Francisco

    Hosted by: San Francisco State University


    San Francisco State University

    Burk Hall 28

    1600 Holloway Ave., San Francisco




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